Green salad with homemade French dressing 6.00
Mixed salad with homemade French dressing 8.00
Mushroom cream capuccino served in a shotglass 7.00
Shrimp delight with Cognac served in a shotglass 8.00


Main courses

Perch filets (Lötschberg CH)
with Tartar sauce + Assortment of vegetables
French fries – Rice – Boiled potatoes or Pasta



Beet, oats and chia patty with French Fries and vegetables (*) 24.00

Valaisan Specialties

Cheesy Bread (#)
(toast + cheese)
Ultimate Cheesy Bread (#)
(toast + cheese + ham + egg + tomatoes + onions)
Valaisan Salad
(with cheese + smoked ham + dried beef + sausage)

Cheese fondue
Raclette – Gruyère – Vacherin
(220 grams per person)

Valaisan Plate
(cheese + smoked ham + dried beef and bacon + sausage)

(#) with gluten-free bread on request



Little Ones

Pasta with tomato sauce 10.00
Chicken nuggets
+ French fries
+ Ketchup
Mini Beef Steak
+ French fries
+ Vegetables



Home made desserts

Hot vanilla custard with a sugar crust homemade 10.00
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 10.00
Chocolate muffin with fresh fruits (*) 10.00
Mashed Chestnusts with vanilla ice-cream 12.00
Ice cake 12.00

Ice Cream

Danemark (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) 12.00
Ice Coffee (mocca ice cream with coffee and whipped cream) 12.00
Aprikot ice with apricot spirit 13.00
Lemon ice with Vodka 12.00
Lemon ice with peach Fendant 10.00
Ice cream scoop (vanille, chocolat, mocca, pistache, caramel, fraise, citron, abricot) 3.50
Whipped cream 1.00


Grill on stone

Kangaroo striploin – 200 gram

Additional price per 100 gram



Veal spider steak – 200 gram

Additional price per 100 gram



Valaisan black beef striploin – 200 gram

Additional price per 100 gram



Deer striploin – 200 gram

Additional price per 100 gram



Beef fillet – 200 gram

Additional price per 100 gram



The dishes are served with: mixed salad with homemade French dressing, French fries – Rice – Boiled potatoes or Pasta, Vegetables and 3 homemade sauces

Hunting specialties


Squash soup with chestnuts  10,00
Crème brûlée with foie gras and figs
served with a gingerbread toast
Roe terrine with hazelnuts  16,00
Dry-cured wild boar ham (100 gram)  18,00
Main course
Artisanal dear raviolis with a mushroom sauce  25,00
 Roe deer venison stew hunter style  35,00
 Deer loin  45,00
Roe striploin  49,00
The game dishes are served with automn sides :
pear with cranberry jam, prunes, chestnut puree, caramelized chestnuts, chanterelle mushrooms, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts
and your choice of :
noodles, French fries, rice or homemade spätzli
(with local grape seed flour)

Three fondues


Min. 4 persons      =>      Booking 24 hours in advance
CHF 59.00 per person

Chinoise (meat broth)
Bacchus (fish broth with white wine)
Bourguignonne (peanut oil)

Self serve buffet:

10 sorts of meat (beef, poultry, horse, kangaroo, duck, veal kidneys, pork, …)
4 sorts of fish (pike perch, cole, salmon and shrimp)

Served with:

Mixed salad with homemade French dressing 
French fries – Rice – Boiled potatoes or Pasta
Fresh fruits
8 homemade sauces


For groups over 10 persons, please contact us directly.

Our dishes are made of quality ingredients and come from local producers. We propose vegan food*, gluten-free** or gluten-free on request(**). You can also enjoy our gift cards, specifically designed so that you can pamper your family circle. All prices are in Swiss Franc.